Next Generation Compound Firework Blue by Prestigious Pyrotechnics

RRP £199.99


If you're looking for a gender reveal firework, this is THE one to get! A stunning compound firework which produces silver willows that fill the sky with silver tails that hang in the air accompanied by silver mine effects. This leads into the second part of the compound firework which is the gender reveal section producing a rapid fire Z pattern for the initial reveal. It fills the sky with blue stars and blue mine lifts which lead ito a prolonged display of stunning blue effects and finishes on a final volley of 21 shots.
  • Number of Shots
  • Duration
    95 Seconds
  • Noise Level
  • Powder Weight
  • Tube Size
  • Firing Pattern
  • Fireworks Per Box
  • Product Dimensions
    55cm x 30cm x 19cm
  • Hazard Class
  • Category Type
  • Height
    25 Metres
  • Safety Distance
    25 Metres

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