Medium Cakes

Although referred to as either, Barrages or Cakes, they are the same type of firework. They come with a single fuse, so you just need to light it once, step back and watch the show.

Once lit, each shot goes off in timed intervals creating a firework display in a box. Cakes come in small, medium, and large.

At The Firework Outlet we categorise them by number of shots so Small Cakes are 8-49 shots, Medium Cakes are 50-99, 100 shot Cakes have a category all on their own, Large Cakes are 100+ shots.

In the technical specification next to each product, you will find the details of how many shots it contains, the duration you can expect, and a great tip is to look at the powder weight number as the higher the number the bigger the bang!


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